2016 MAESTC Track & Field Season Celebrates "25TH YEAR" of Promoting Track & Field in the Madison Area

April 2, 2016

The "Madison area Eastside Sharks Track Club" (MAESTC) has serviced the Madison area since 1992 with a goal oriented recreational/competitive co-ed track program. During the past 24 years over 1700+ athletes have experienced the physical, mental and social rewards of the program. Through the years the program has evolved to service both youth and adults from ages 7 to 60+, with the option to participate within the "Recreational Group" or the "Competition Group" which allows each group the flexibility to set their own specific goals and opportunities for their athletes.

As we begin our "25th Year"or the 2016 Summer Track & Field Season, the primary goals of the program have not changed. Again this year the #One Goal is to continue to increase enrollment numbers at all age levels. Other goals include: (2) To continue to maintain quality practice sessions coordinated by a knowledgeable coaching staff. (3) To continue promoting a "Positive Self Image" for everyone involved in the track program. (4) To continue to develop a more competitive Adult Level Program. (5) And, to continue identifying young athletes that have exceptional track and field talents so that we can continue to develop these athletes by giving them the best training and competitive opportunities so that these athletes can continue their careers at the High School/College/University levels or even some day possibly at the International/Olympic level.

The MAESTC would like you to help celebrate our "25th Year Anniversary" by becoming a club member!!! "The sport of track & field would be one of the most rewarding experiences for you and for your family!!!"Just ask some of the 1700 + athletes that have participated in the program. For the majority of these athletes the track & field program positively altered their lives in some way, either physically, mentally or socially. But most importantly the MAESTC better prepared them to cope with the daily challenges of our society!!!

For information on joining the Madison Area Eastside Sharks Track Club, go to the right hand side of the Website's TRACK & FIELD PAGE under FORMS, where you will find an INFORMATION FORM, a REGISTRATION FORM, and the 2016 MEET SCHEDULE FORM (TBA). If you have additional questions feel free to contact anyone under the CONTACTS SECTION on the TRACK & FIELD PAGE, or you can contact Chuck Koch, at president@eastsidesharks.com or call 217-2994.

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